Attorney Tim Bottaro handles primarily personal injury cases, such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian/injury accidents, wrongful death claims, construction accidents, dram shop suits, slip and falls, and animal bites. He also handles insurance litigation and general litigation matters. With Tim, your consultation is always free!

Areas of Practice

Car or Semi Accidents

This is the most common personal injury case we see. If you are in a car or semi accident caused by another driver’s carelessness, you have the ability to seek compensation for any injuries you experience or suffer.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Motorcyclists and bicyclists face grave dangers when riding on the roads and highways. Careless drivers cause countless accidents each year resulting in serious injuries and even death.

Pedestrian Injury Accidents

Drivers have an obligation to look out for pedestrians, but each year thousands of pedestrians are seriously injured or killed by careless drivers.

Slip and Falls

It is common for injuries to occur from a slip or trip and fall.  Such accidents include things like slipping on spilled liquids in stores, slipping on ice or snow, trips on defective sidewalks, falls down dangerous stairs and other conditions on properties that cause injuries. 

If you are injured on another person’s property, you may have a personal injury case

Construction Accidents

There are federal regulations and other safety standards mandating safe construction procedures on worksites. Even so, many contractors and subcontractors are either unaware of or ignore these safety rules and regulations leading to serious injuries or deaths caused by accidents. 

If someone is injured or killed in a construction accident, there are potential legal claims to be pursued.

Dog Bites

Dog owners have a legal obligation to restrain and control their dogs to prevent attacks and dog bites.

In the event of injuries arising out of a dog bite or attack, legal claims for compensation can be pursued. 

Wrongful Death

Sometimes people are killed as the result of someone else’s fault, such as a car accident. When these tragedies occur, an estate must be opened to pursue all claims. 

Attorney Tim Bottaro’s office has attorneys who know how to open an estate and follow the procedures to distribute any money obtained from the resolution of the case.  Thus, you will already have a team in place to help you through this difficult time.

Dram Shop

These kinds of cases are against bars and restaurants, etc. which serve a person alcohol when they know or should have known the person is intoxicated or to the point, they become intoxicated. 

If the drunk person harms others, the business selling and serving the alcohol can be at fault, along with the drunk person.  The injured party must move extremely quickly to preserve their case or they lose out forever.  Therefore, legal assistance should be obtained as soon as possible to try and obtain a monetary recovery

Insurance Litigation

Sometimes Insurance Companies are sued because of things they have done or failed to do. Bad faith claims against Insurance Companies can be brought when an insurance company has failed to act in good faith either in dealings with their own policyholders or people making a claim against the insurance company. 

Sometimes insurance companies can be sued for breaches of their insurance contract or because of the negligent actions of their agents.  As a corporation, an insurance company can be sued just like a person on the basis of many different types of claims. 

General Litigation

General Litigation involves lawsuits for a variety of reasons, which do not involve personal injury or other areas that have been discussed on this website. This could include actions against builders or architects for homes or businesses, which are substandard.

Actions against neighbors/adjoining landowners when they do something, which affects another’s property or in some way adversely affects another person’s use of their property.  There are many other types of “general litigation” cases.


Attorney Tim Bottaro is a graduate of Creighton University (B.A. 1981) and the University of Iowa (J.D. 1983 With Distinction). He is admitted to practice law in the United States Appellate Court (8th Circuit) and United States Federal Court, as well as Iowa state courts. Tim handles primarily personal injury cases, such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian/injury accidents, wrongful death claims, construction accidents, dram shop suits (vs. establishments who serve alcohol), slip and falls, and animal bites. He also handles insurance litigation, and general litigation matters. With Tim, your consultation is always free!

Tim has been involved in the Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) for many, many years. The IAJ is the largest organization of plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys in the State of Iowa. He was elected President of the IAJ in 2017. Prior to this honor, he served in all four of the other officer positions with the IAJ. Tim has received several awards from the IAJ.

In 2014-2016, Tim spoke to over 2,000 lawyers and their staff and traveled to Kansas and South Dakota to teach Iowa’s new Expedited Civil Actions (ECA) procedure. He was one of twelve members serving on a Supreme Court Task Force charged with creating this system. After countless hours and meetings, the Iowa Supreme Court accepted the Task Force’s proposal with few changes. Iowa’s ECA system is believed to be one of the most utilized types in the country. Tim feels his service in creating Iowa’s ECA system will be a part of his legacy to Iowa’s civil justice system. Tim has also been appointed to serve on a Supreme Court Advisory Committee, which reviews and recommends changes to the Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure relating to how cases progress through the court system.

As a result of Tim’s work with the ECA, he received the highest honor the IAJ bestows: the Verne Lawyer Outstanding Member Award. In 2010, Tim was honored with the IAJ’s Key Person Award for his work as Chair of the Iowa Legislative Committee – a position he has held for over a decade. This Committee monitors every proposed bill introduced in the Iowa Legislature to look for those that might take away the rights of Iowans injured by the actions of others. The Committee also proposes pro-justice laws and lobbies elected officials.

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